Young climate scientists & communication with the locals

Everybody is talking about climate and climate change. It’s a debate that everyone is involved in, not least climate scientists.

An important part of a climate scientist’s job is to communicate science to the public. However, communication can be a challenge.
A group of young climate scientists from the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Bergen, and University of Copenhagen will visit Rosendal during week 4 2018 to collaborate with local groups on climate communication projects. The scientists want to find out how their science is relevant to these groups and how it can be communicated.

The scientists (based at the Folgefonn Centre) will firstly visit different groups in Kvinnherad and discuss the groups’ interests and needs in relation to climate. Do these interests align with the expertise of the scientists?

During the preceding days, the students will work on focused presentations, which will take place on Thursday 25th January at Folgefonn Centre and will be open to the public.

After the presentations, the scientists will ask audiences for feedback about the climate information and the communication could be improved. We hope these projects and discussions will contribute to improving the dialogue we have in society about climate and climate change!