Interactive exhibitions

This interactive exhibitions will allow you to see and learn exiting things about life in the Hardangerfjord, about The Folgefonna National Park and about climate change. We hope many will gain interest in the global interconnections we show case, and insights from the many tales we tell.

Opening hours and travel information

Welcome to us!
Here in the friendly village of Rosendal, situated underneath towering mountains by the Hardangerfjord, we offer you valuable knowledge about the nature and landscape you may want to venture into on the Folgefonnpeninsula.


In the auditorium you can see 4 films about nature - you are welcome visit the auditorium during you stay.
The themes of the films are about: water, life in the fjord, geology and the red deer.

Visitor centre Folgefonna national park

Visitor centre for Folgefonna national park is part of the Folgefonn centre. We hope that your visit here will inspire you to enjoy the nature of the Folgefonn peninsula and visit the gateways and attractions all around the national park. Welcome into nature!

About the Folgefonn centre

Here you will find information about the Folgefonnsenter Foundation, which operates a center for research-based knowledge dissemination on themes relevant to the Folgefonna Glacier and the landscape and fjordsystems on the Folgefonn-Peninsula.