If you visit the bakery, you can savour the authentic taste of lefser, potetkaker and other traditional treats baked in a wood-fired oven.

Cabins and camping are available right by the lake. Here you can also rent boats, fishing tackle and fishing nets – and it’s not hard to catch the trout. A rewarding walk is to follow the trail that circles the lake.

The road through the gorge

We can also recommend a hike on the old road through Rullestadjuvet. The steep 19th-century postal road through this gorge has been restored. The dramatic scenery was the subject of one of Lars Hertervig’s best-known paintings. Just above the road are several giant’s cauldrons – deep hollows in the stone drilled by swirling river currents and gravel. You may also notice some strangely formed trees with shortened trunks; generations ago, the tops of these trees were cut off (pollarded) by local farmers, so that leaves might be harvested from the abundance of low-growing branches, providing fodder for their livestock in the winter.

If you don’t fancy walking, you can drive E134 through Rullestadjuvet. This scenic road also takes you along the southern shore of the Åkrafjord. Be prepared to stop for the herds of goats!

Potholes at Rullestad gorge, by Svein Opdal
Potholes at Rullestad gorge, by Svein Opdal


Hike to lake Rullestadvatnet
Hike to the potholes at Rullestad gorge
Rullestad aktiv fritid
Rullestad aktiv fritid
Åkrafjordtunet gateway


Contact Per M. Kjellesvik (Rullestad Aktiv Fritid)
Phone 913 18 271
Email per.martin@rullestad.org
Website www.rullestad.org

Langfoss Falls

Langfoss is the fifth highest waterfall in Norway and Europe’s 16th highest, but its magnificent surroundings and accessibility have placed it on CNN’s list of the World’s 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls.

Odda tourist information

The town of Odda is situated at the head of the Sørfjord, a fjord arm of the famous Hardangerfjord. At Odda tourist information, you can obtain excellent information about Folgefonna National Park and many other attractions in the region.


Åkrafjordtunet is situated at Teigland on the E134, the scenic trunk road that runs along the southern shore of the Åkrafjord. The centre, which lies just 9 km west of Langfossen falls and 10 km west of the national park, is a great place to learn more about Folgefonna National Park – but it’s also