Bondhusdalen valley

Those who have been here, consider Bondhusdalen to be the most beautiful of the many valleys below the Folgefonna glacier. The highlight is the stunning icefall at the head of the valley, reflected in the lake of glacial meltwater.

Buardalen – a hike to the edge of the glacier

From the town of Odda, getting to the glacier is easy. An 8-kilometre drive takes you up to Buer (250 m), and you can already see the glacier from the parking lot. A marked trail leads right up to Buarbreen, a majestic glacier arm of Folgefonna.


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Fonna Glacier Ski Resort

FONNA is a summer ski centre on the glacier Folgefonna in Jondal. Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding park, cross-country trails and guided snowshoe hikes. From the top of the ski lift there is an amazing view of the glacier, the Hardangerfjord and the North Sea.

Herand – the historic village

Herand is situated on the northern shore of Folgefonnhalvøya. We invite you to wander the village and its surroundings – a journey of discovery through 9000 years of history.

Langfoss Falls

Langfoss is the fifth highest waterfall in Norway and Europe’s 16th highest, but its magnificent surroundings and accessibility have placed it on CNN’s list of the World’s 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls.

Malmanger Farm and Vicarage

The history of Malmanger Farm and Vicarage stretches back perhaps more than a thousand years. Eight of the buildings are listed. The old smokehouse, built before 1625, is one of the oldest buildings in the Kvinnherad region.

Rosendal Stone Park

If you want to scratch beneath the surface and really understand Folgefonna National Park and its surroundings, then you should visit Rosendal Stone Park. It is situated just a 10-minute walk from Rosendal village centre and harbour.


Rullestad is a hamlet situated on the shore of a lake, between the beautiful mountains east of the Åkrafjord. Here and in the vicinity, you can enjoy varied activities, magnificent scenery and exciting attractions, and find accommodation.

The Geological Trail in Nordrepollen

For an extended exploration of the fascinating interplay between ice and stone, consider hiking the Geological Trail. This path, from Nordrepollen to the glacier arm called Botnabreen, will give you a greater understanding of how the landscapes of Folgefonna National Park were formed.

The historic hiking trail across Folgefonna glacier