Nestled between towering mountains at the head of the Sørfjord, an arm of the Hardangerfjord, Odda has a proud industrial heritage; the town played a pioneering role in Norway’s industrialisation.

In the vicinity of the town are many beautiful waterfalls cascading down the mountainsides, and of course it’s not far to Folgefonna glacier. This makes Odda a fine base for exploration.

We recommend two rewarding hikes into Folgefonna National Park. Whether you wish to head for Buardalen or Holmaskjer, you will find parking and information boards at the beginning of the trail. At Egne Hjem, a housing development situated 1.5 km from Odda, there are also picnic tables and toilets. The excellent, well-marked trail to Holmaskjera Lodge is secured with safety ropes and bridges where needed. This lodge is a self-service facility run by DNT, the Norwegian Trekking Association.

Turister på tur til Buerbreen. Gården Buer innerst i Buerdalen, Odda, Folgefonna, Hordaland
På tur til Buerbreen. foto Stig Tronvold


Historic route across Folgefonna
Hike to Buarbrea
Hike on Buførevegen - Pilgrim path
Visit Odda
Holmaskjer cabin


Odda turistinformasjon


Telefon +47 48 07 07 77 

Nyttig informasjon

Adresse: Torget 2, 5750 Odda


15. april–16. juni og 1. sept–15. okt: Mandag–fredag 9–16

15. juni–31. august: Alle dagar 9–19

16.sept–14. mai: Mandag–fredag 9–15

Buardalen – a hike to the edge of the glacier

From the town of Odda, getting to the glacier is easy. An 8-kilometre drive takes you up to Buer (250 m), and you can already see the glacier from the parking lot. A marked trail leads right up to Buarbreen, a majestic glacier arm of Folgefonna.


info om Buførevegen og Pilegrimsvegen kjem her på engelsk

The historic hiking trail across Folgefonna glacier


Åkrafjordtunet is situated at Teigland on the E134, the scenic trunk road that runs along the southern shore of the Åkrafjord. The centre, which lies just 9 km west of Langfossen falls and 10 km west of the national park, is a great place to learn more about Folgefonna National Park – but it’s also

About the national park

Folgefonna, the third largest glacier on mainland Norway, is the heart of the national park. Exotic and dramatic, this magnificent glacier has drawn tourists since 1833. Here are glacier tongues and icefalls, wild valleys, and raging rivers of rushing meltwater and scenic summer pastures.