Situated in in Rosendal, the Visitor Centre Folgefonna National Park offers insights that will enhance your enjoyment of the national park. Exhibits, films and multimedia presentations reveal the inner life of Folgefonna glacier – how the fjords were carved out by ice, as well as the area’s fascinating geology, wildlife and botany.

The Drama of the Mountains, an exciting 20-minute multimedia presentation by Randi Storås, includes images by the finest nature photographers in western Norway. There is also another multimedia presentation, Life In the Fjord, which in a delightful manner gives insight into the fjord’s unique ecosystem. You can choose to view the English or Norwegian versions of these.

Ptarmigan, photo Jens Ripel
Ptarmigan, photo Jens Ripel

Also exhibited are several series of photographs from the valleys below Folgefonna glacier. Other exhibits include minerals and crystals from the area, and a copy of the Tysnes meteorite.

The National Park Centre also provides a glimpse of Norway’s 41 other national parks, and our staff will gladly show you where they are on the map. No matter which season you are visiting Norway, there are many possibilities and much to explore.

The Centre comprises the local Tourist Information Office and the Boatbuilding Museum. Did you know that “Gjøa”, the sloop Roald Amundsen used on the first successful voyage through the Northwest Passage, was built in Rosendal?

Also situated in Rosendal is the Stone Park, where you can see a great variety of rocks that reveal the area’s fascinating geological history.


Hiking in Kvinnherad municipality
Glacier hikes on the Folgefonna
Glacier and kayak trip by Folgefonna
Horse back riding in the Åkra mountains


Visitor centre Folgefonna national park

Telephone: +47 53 48 42 80


Practical information

Opening hours 2018:

15. January – 28. Februar 
mon-fri 10.30-14.30

1. March – 24. May          
mon-sat 10.30-14.30
* Open also at Easter

25. May – 2. September               
every day 10.00-18.00

3. September – 31. October
Mon-Sat 10.30-14.30

1. November – 15. December
Mon-Fre 10.30-14.30


Open for groups by appointment all year


Bondhusdalen valley

Those who have been here, consider Bondhusdalen to be the most beautiful of the many valleys below the Folgefonna glacier. The highlight is the stunning icefall at the head of the valley, reflected in the lake of glacial meltwater.

Rosendal Stone Park

If you want to scratch beneath the surface and really understand Folgefonna National Park and its surroundings, then you should visit Rosendal Stone Park. It is situated just a 10-minute walk from Rosendal village centre and harbour.

Malmanger Farm and Vicarage

The history of Malmanger Farm and Vicarage stretches back perhaps more than a thousand years. Eight of the buildings are listed. The old smokehouse, built before 1625, is one of the oldest buildings in the Kvinnherad region.

The historic hiking trail across Folgefonna glacier

About the national park

Folgefonna, the third largest glacier on mainland Norway, is the heart of the national park. Exotic and dramatic, this magnificent glacier has drawn tourists since 1833. Here are glacier tongues and icefalls, wild valleys, and raging rivers of rushing meltwater and scenic summer pastures.