The rich and complex history of Agatunet has a way of coming alive to enchant visitors. In the hamlet are 45 slate-roofed farm buildings dating from the Middle Ages on up until more recent times. Lagmannsstova, built in 1220-30, is the country’s oldest secular building still standing on its original site.

From fjord to glacier

After taking a guided tour of the old hamlet, you can enjoy the multimedia presentation, “The Drama of the Mountains”. It gives you glimpses of Folgefonna National Park and tells you how powerful natural forces formed the land. Another multimedia presentation, Life In the Fjord, gives a delightful look into the fjord’s unique ecosystem, a world full of life unknown to most of us. Both presentations last 20 minutes.

Coffee and local treats

Hens still wander Agatunet freely, providing eggs for the waffles served in the café, which we suggest you savour with a glass of locally produced cherry or apple juice, and perhaps a cup of coffee.

Silje Solvi _Agatunet


Buførevegen - Pilgrim hike
Skredløypa from Reisæter to Agatunet
Hardanger folk museum
Accomodation in Ullensvang


Agatunet museum

Telefon 47 47 99 02 / 47 47 98 94

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Open: 10 – 17 daily,
20. juni – 12. august
Priser: Adult kr 70
Chldren < 12 years fred
Groups by appointment

Welcome to Vikebygd Landscape Park!

Welcome to the lush and fertile landscape between the blue green Hardangerfjord, and the snow-white Folgefonna glacier.

The settlements foundation here, is created by several ice ages and the long-term effort of the forces of nature. Here, you will find plants that are unimaginable on the same latitude other places in the world. You will experience old clusters of farm houses, with their own medieval stories.

Landscape Parks are unique natural and cultural landscapes, characterised by a common culture and feeling of identity. Landscape Park is an internationally known term of quality denoting sustainable development with natural and cultural landscapes as resources. 

Vikebygd is a school district in Ullensvang on the Western side of Sørfjorden. The size of the population is around 600 people. The village is geographically demarcated by Kvitnoelva in the South and Velure in the North, centrally located between Folgefonna and Hardangervidda National Park. Therefore it makes as a good starting point for varied natural and cultural experiences. You can go on shorter walks along the trails in the hillside, you can hike over the mountain to Jondal, or you can visit the old chiefdom in Agatunet, with the «Lagmannsstova» dating back to around 1250. Onwards lies both Trolltunga, Buerbreen, Folgefonna summer Ski Centre and Barony Rosendal easily accessible from the Vikebygd district.

Vikebygd Landscape Park AS (VLP short) is a continuation of a mobilisation in the villages for sustainable, agriculture based business development in Vikebygd. In many ways the initiative grew out of the big efforts made when the village was hosting the opening of the national 100-year anniversary of the union dissolution in 2005, called Streif. This was followed by a new focus on how we could utilise the beautiful natural and cultural landscape, and agricultural traditions to create new industries and work places to gain our residents. The company VLP was founded with a share capital of 270.000 NOK, invested by individuals and businesses from or connected to the village and Ullensvang.

Attractions & Activities

No other place in Norway has the same number of farmland settlements. The listed cultural heritage, Agatunet, with houses from medieval times, is an exceptional example. In this fruitful and beautiful landscape, stretching from the fjord up to the Folgefonna glacier, guests of all ages can find exciting attractions and experiences. You can hike on roads that go through fruit gardens, farm yards and raw nature. Guided fruit farm tours are offered, where you can experience the blooming and the harvesting, and walk the path of the pilgrims in the medieval days. Or maybe you would prefer to follow the steps of our queen?


Welcome to Vikebygd Landscape Park!


info om Buførevegen og Pilegrimsvegen kjem her på engelsk

Fonna Glacier Ski Resort

FONNA is a summer ski centre on the glacier Folgefonna in Jondal. Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding park, cross-country trails and guided snowshoe hikes. From the top of the ski lift there is an amazing view of the glacier, the Hardangerfjord and the North Sea.

The historic hiking trail across Folgefonna glacier

About the national park

Folgefonna, the third largest glacier on mainland Norway, is the heart of the national park. Exotic and dramatic, this magnificent glacier has drawn tourists since 1833. Here are glacier tongues and icefalls, wild valleys, and raging rivers of rushing meltwater and scenic summer pastures.